Lead Management with Callexa: Clever. Flexible. Effective.

Successful fishing needs more than just casting the fishing rod.

Leads are one of the most successful baits to lure potential customers from websites and formulars. Anyone in this profession knows that the struggle for the catch of the day is mainly decided by the speed factor. A clever automatism is the solution: Callexa Lead immediatly dispatches the requests of potential customers to your available agents and gives you the decisive advantage.

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The Starting Situation

Companies invest a lot of money and time in the generation of so-called "leads", be it through search engine optimization, social networking, contests or marketing promotions. This is the first important step to activate potential customers and if it results in a customer request, that is your first success. The prospect expressed interest in your company, your services or your products.

The prospect has gathered information, thought it through and decided to get in touch. There is no better starting point for a future partnership. At the same time, this step is associated with high expectations. Because the potential customer hopes that you grasp the outstretched hand swift and motivated. The patience of prospects is limited and they will not stay on the hook for long. Only who responds promptly, can safely pull the fish on land.

5 times better sales opportunities for responses within one minute.

2 times higher chances of selling for the first company to report back.

3 times lower bounce rate when using callback services instead of queuing.

The Goal

Callexa Lead automates your lead management. It controls the smooth and quick execution of request and callback. The measurable success of Callexa Lead makes it a worthwhile investment. Never was lead management so uncomplicated and flexible. Your satisfaction has top priority, tell us what system you use and what you want to accomplish. We will tailor a customized solution exactly for your needs. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Our common goal must be to automate the process from inquiry to response as much as possible.

The Solution

With Callexa Lead in place, incoming request land immediately at competent contact persons specified by you and can be handled within seconds. How does that work? Quite simple: Our Lead Management Solution comes with basic functions like individual contact forms, inquiry distribution by phone or email and callback capability. That builds the foundation to work with when tailoring the custom solution for your company and your workflow. Every business is different, having individual characteristics and processes. What is needed is a flexible system able to adapt to these conditions: Callexa Lead.

Simply contact us and we will start developing your individual solution.


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